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About Old Glory 27

Welcome to Old Glory 27 Flag Company. Here you will find affordable and quality handmade wooden American Flags. This is a Combat Wounded Active Duty Veteran owned and operated home business. 

These flags would look great displayed in your home, office or storefront. They make great gifts for any occasion; retirements, promotions, PCSing Gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, for yourself and for fundraisers.

Each flag is handcrafted and unique. No flags are exactly the same, as each flags grain patterns allow the woods character to display its self.

I provide a quality handmade wood flag that is affordable yet still a quality flag that can be displayed for generations to come.  

I will always stay committed to assisting fundraisers, charity events, wounded veterans, and wounded/killed police officers and families.  I will always stand by and support our veterans, families and community.

That's how the Brand "Old Glory 27 Flag Company" was born.